Monday, February 23, 2009

Strasbourg and Offenburg

So this past weekend the boys worked their magic on us girls and convinced us to head out of Dijon and go to Strasbourg--and I'm glad we did! Strasbourg is a really neat little city on the border of France and Germany (but in the french part). The first night we got there we headed towards a chinese resto (soo good) and then out for a bit to catch a match du football (our friend Alex watches ALL the time!) Saturday we woke up early and headed around town...the archetecture was amazing!! There was a Catherdral that took 200 years to build-so pretty. There is also a quarter called "Le Petit France" which was full of interesting archetecture and designs. In the afternoon the boys split off from the girls and walked around a bit more while we went to the Chocolate museume....A tram, bus, and 10 min walk later we managed to find this treasure on the outskirts of the city...I learned SO much about cholocate! (and of course got several free samples :) ) That night I was able to meet up with Liz Butterfield (she's a 'sler at Kohahna) and we had a very nice meal :)

Sunday we woke up early again and headed to the train station and hopped on a train to Offenburg, Germany. It's a small typical german village about 45 Kilometers from Strasbourg...every thing was closed since it's monday morning..but the town is full of funn statues an cool we got to do fun things without anyone looking at us all crazy. We spent the morning and part of the afternoon there then headed back to strasbourg. We got our bags, did some homework and jumped on the train back to dijon. I was able to do all of my homework by the time i got back so that was nice.

I need to clean my room in a bad way and do my I suppose I am going to do that tonight. Tomorrow night is the Lyon v Barcelona game (which for Alex is huge) so I am looking forward to spending a night with everyone watching it. (plus the pub we go to to watch is is FILLEd with goodlooking french boys!! hehe)


  1. just so you know you are probably the coolest person i know and i definatly think that you're better than me in a thousand ways. actually i copy every thing you do because i worship the ground that you walk on.

  2. aww thanks beth! you're so sweet