Friday, February 13, 2009

No class so I actually have time to write...

the OSU crew

some of the girls
making dinner for the boys

So apparently I have changed languages from English to franglish. That's where I start forgetting how to say words like "street" and insert "rue" instead. So a typical conversation with me would include phrases like "do you want to go mange parceque I haven't eaten in like 8 heurs" and "What time does your cours get out--do you want to rendezvous apres? We can jump on the internet et get some cafe." Also--I have trouble typing. So this takes me forever.

Classes are going well...still hard--still long.

the gang and I headed to a dijon match du football ce soir (tonight--see what I mean!!) and then Paris early in the morning---Paris on Valentines day--isn't that wonderful?!

the weather is STILL aweful. rainy/snowy/cold. Spring is coming though...I can feel it.

I still don't have a voice...which is funny by also frustrating because i'm already having enough trouble as it is communicating.

I'll through up some pictures that have been just of day to day stuff..

Happy Valentines day everyone!!

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