Monday, February 2, 2009


Belle and I made it to Dijon finally!! Il est tres froid! I left Lizzy on at the train station where i proceeded to pratically have to RUN to my train ( you only get 15 min from when they announce the arrival of the train to when it leaves--and being in car 18 with three bags was brutal) luckly for me some very nice dijon rugby players carried all my bags :) Once on the train, I watching a movie and before i knew it I had arrived (again, they only told me we were in dijon once we had stopped--about the third one in) the rugby players helped me off the train and took my 50 lbs bags down the stairs for me..such nice men! i wandered around for a bit...asked information..asking random people...but no one had heard of my program and knew nothing of the bus that was supposed to be picking me up from the train station. Finally after about 15 min of walking around I sat down to give up and decide my next course of action--but a little frechmen came over and waved a little flyer in my face " CIEF?" "OUIOUI" I practically yelled--Stephan is one of my profs--and I hopped on a charter bus and headed for le residence international. At le residence I was shown to my dorm room (one that smells of onion and dirt)..meeting only korean, japonese and some chinese folk on the way. No english. After a good cry and a long nap I opened my dorm room door and started unpacking. I heard some english in the hall, poked my head out and a few girls came down to talk to me--they have a group from Kentucky who came together who took me and few canadians under their wings and formed an English speaking posse I guess (ha!) it was very helpful when they all were going through the same thing I was and I tagged along to find some Wifi (the dorm is internetless) and we've been travelling as a pack together to find out what we are doing and when. Today, we took a placement test to find out what classes we will be taking. Tomorrow we are heading out to Baune--which Stephan says is the Eiffel Tour of Burgundy. After that, we have more tours and orientations and we start class on monday--what a week! But I am finally getting settled but definatly missing the comfort of home. I'm sure that I'll adjust soon and the time will fly by--but until then I will just have to deal with the homesickness--thank God I have spent many a summer comforting homesick kids at camp--I know just what truths to tell myself :)

Well, I have to go take my oral exam now...goodbye for now..

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  1. so.. the rugby players.. no pictures?? oi!
    I hope you're going to take pictures of Baune.. and given the weather in London I wonder about the weather there.. did you get more snow? Tinkerbelle and I are getting some tonight.. we'll keep you posted!