Friday, February 6, 2009

Dijon and Beaune

Gooooooood Morning!

I suppose you all are sleeping at the moment while I'm getting ready to go get some lunch...but before I do that I thought that I would write a little bit about the city!

This week was orientation week of sorts and so we got to do some really fun things. The first thing we did was take a trip to Beaune. Beaune is a city about 40 min south by bus of Dijon and is considered the eiffel tower of Burgundy. Its where all the vinyards are located and there is a midievle hospital called the L'hotel dieu--nicknamed le palais du pauvre (palace for the poor) it was opened so that the poor would have a place to go and get treatment for whatever. It is still used today as a retirement home--which is kinda cool. Pretty much though, its famous pour the archetecture--the roofs are made with yellow, white, black, and red tiles that the burgundy region is famous for--and the trend a commence a l'hotel dieu. it was a fun city--and dad! they have a store there called Beryl...I've actually seen it around Dijon too (its a clothing store) so i took a picture for you.

The next day we did a tour of Dijon (its about a 10 min bus ride downtown) and that was neat. you all should wikipedia it--its very medievil and famous for des chouettes (owls). It's beautiful there and its so interesting to run around town with my friends.

Life is getting easier and I'm not crying so much any more--and my friends are great ..we're thinking about getting on a train in a few hours and heading to paris for the weekend. I got my class schedual and level today and oh man, did I luck out! I placed level 4 (Go me!) so I get to take a bunch of culture classes and not so many grammar and writing (hehe!) and...get this...NO CLASS ON FRIDAY!!! so Lizzy and I can travel around europe together! I have about 4 hours of class a day--but thursday I have class from 9-16:30 which stinks but no class on friday is def. worth it. the food is still terrible but I guess thats not all a bad thing. Well. My tummys growling--time to go get a sandwhich

grand bisous

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