Thursday, February 5, 2009


Hello all! It’s Thursday and I’ve been here for what seems like not time at all. My days have been busy with exploring, meeting friends, and getting settled. Let’s start with dorm life: Thankfully with some help of French fabreeze my room no longer smells like onions. It’s pretty cozy now that I have pictures and posters up. After a trip to Carrefour—the French equivalent of Wal-Mart—Its pretty useful. There isn’t internet there though so that’s kind of an issue. There’s wifi on campus but it’s a good 15 min walk to the closest hotspot. By the way, the French say wifi “wee-fee” which cracks me up. The food here sucks and is practically inedible. Fortunately I have a human garbage disposal who sits with me at meals so no food goes to waste ☺ For as much as we pay to come here they’re pretty stingy. For instance—they give me a cup for water (it’s slightly larger than a dixicup) and if I want soda or such I have to pay 1.5 euro for it.
Good news…I am making friends. There are several people that I like to surround myself with. And its fun when we all go out around town and things in a group of 20 but there is a group of 4 or 5 that I tend to hang out with more than others. There’s a boy from the Netherlands which is awesome and he speaks perfect English, german, dutch and is on his way to speaking French which blows my mind. He’s awesome. There are two boys from Kentucky that are super nice and have the relaxed mentality. (Don’t worry Dad—they both have girlfriends) and then there’s another girl from Arizona who goes to ASU that’s chill and fun to hang out with. Its amazing because even in 5 days my French has improved immensely. In conversations we all go back and forth between English and French smoothly and naturally which is wonderful. I have no doubt soon it will be all French. I like the people here.—but I often feel lonely because I’m so used to be surrounded by people who I’m already comfortable with. It sounds crazy but all I want right now is a big hug.
The weather has sucked. snow, rain, sleet, more snow but today the sun FINALLY came out. Which is great! I am looking forward to galavanting around town this afternoon. Tomorrow perhaps I will put up more pictures of the towns and explain the city. But the sun is calling me outside.

oh, and belles doing great. shes meeting friends and seeing sights. But sometimes I catch her tearing up a bit. she sends her love aussi.

Grand bisous à vous tous!

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