Sunday, February 8, 2009

checking in...

Well...there's not much to talk about..I haven't really been up to much. The homesickness is wearing off and my friends are awesome. We've just been running around town, settling in and hanging out. The food is still awful but I bought some spices and lemon juice in hopes of making it a little better. Last night I cooked dinner for the boys (spaghetti--duh) and it was nice to actually eat a meal that I enjoyed. I have been hanging out with the kids from OSU too and they're pretty rad. Its very nice to have something familiar. Hm...what else.. I got to talk to casey yesterday on skype which was awesome...and colin the other day too. Liz and I are going to Normandy next weekend I think just be should be a ball.

I guess that's all for now...

grand bisous a tous

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  1. Good Sunday my little girl.... sounds as if things are going well. In Oklahoma and down at dads and Marshalee,s and checked on Gus today.... he is doing well but has been rolling in the red mud. He misses you very much..How did you cook something? do you have use of a kitchen?
    Keep the updates coming, it helps me to forget you are so far away...Will give Gus a hug for you....