Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Provence...roman ruins and more!

this weekend i went on a guided CIEF tour to Provence (the south of France) that is heavily influenced by the Romans...well..i guess they lived there and France took it over...or something. all the explanations were in french...give me a break!

But I got to see some reallllly old roman theatres and arenas and ruins. It was sweet. We also got to spend a few ours and the mediterannian..it was windy so there was so sun bathing, but walking up and down the boardwalk was beautiful.

I think my favorite part was on the last day seeing the Pont-de-Gard..the most famous roman aquaduct. It was HUGE and beautiful. and we got to hike around it for a few hours..it reminded me of Northern Michigan.

After 17.5 hours on a bus in one weekend, it was nice to return home--but it was so cool to see all of these historical sights...the history on the land just blows my mind! I think thats what I like about europe the most.. all of the history.

Liz is coming to vist me this weekend...it will be fun :) except that it is supposed to rain all weekend :( we'll see though!

grand bisous!

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