Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally something worth blogging about!

This weekend I was able to hop a train down to Clermont-Ferrand...home of THE Liz Mclane! It was so nice to feel so at home with her.

I got in friday night and trekked it to her dorm (there are TONS of hills and such there) and then we just hung out and talked all night long. We got up early the next day and wandered around her city seeing le Cathedral and doing some serious window shopping. Later in the afternoon we joined some of her very french friends in a "little hike"


It was NOT the little hike pierre had described at all, but a trek across mountains! The weather was beautiful... warm with a cooling breeze.., but it was definitly a difficult hike not meant for tennis shoes and jeans. We started at the Cathedral (the black thing in the center of one of those photos) and ended 1/2 up the Puy-de-Dome (the mountain with the snow)

It was fun though...we were able to get out in nature and take some amazing pictures. About 6 hours later we made it back and were so exhausted we fell alseep halfway through watching Beauty and the Beast! (we were inspired to watch it from the views and photos of the French countryside hehe)

Sunday we hung out for a bit and I headed back to Dijon where I was greeting by dinner from my friend and then locked myself in my room to study for my midterm this morning. ( was hard.)

This week is going to be long I have a feeling..but it's sunny for the third day in a row! and hopefully it won't rain..doubtfull though. I am wearing flip flops though!! (but also a coat, scarf and mittens...I just really want to believe its spring.

Ok...time to go learn about cubisim...whooo

grand bisous xoxo

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