Monday, May 25, 2009


Ack, it's been a while--I know!

This happened a few weeks ago...buttttt Liz and I went to Berlin! and wow, what a downer. The trip was fine, but the city, with so much Nazi history was very depressing.

We took a night train there (12 one was hot too...ew) but finally got there at 9:00 am. The first thing we did was take a walking tour to see all of the city. Neither of us knew much about the city so it was really fun learning all of the history. The tour took us by the monuments and locations like the berlin wall (what's left of it) and Hitler's Bunker/death place. We also saw a really cool memorial to the war too.

The feeling there was interesting. It was like they were trying SO hard to compensate for what they had done that they were just so nice and relaxed. No one cared that we didn't speak any german, and welcomed our english--when most cities just rolled their eyes and then tried english.

The second day we took another tour, but this one was to the Sachenhausen Concentration camp. This was a really hard day and put a big damper in our moods. The camp was preserved just like how it was and taught a lot about what happened. Our tour guide new a lot too which was helpful. I think it was so interesting that it was free--they want as many people to come as possible so they can remember the events that happened there and never let them happen again. The sign on the front gate translates loosely as "Work Will Set You Free" very disturbing.

Like I said, Liz and I were pooped from the days visit (it took all day) and so we were in search of something to uplift our mood. and what did we find?? The Blue Man group! Neither of us had seen it since 7th or 8th grade and it was really cool. We got cheap tickets because of our student discount and it was a good cap to the evening.

We were able to fly home (thank heaven!) and went our seperate ways.

I'm in my last few days here, only 8 days left until I come back! I have three days of exams, todays the first, and then I pack up and head to Clermont-Ferrand to hang out with liz for few days before Paris for my flight.

I went to nice this past weekend, but I'll save that post for a study break tomorrow or so.

xoxo gros bisous a tous!

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