Monday, April 6, 2009

Les Cheateax de la Loire

So Belle and I packed up and headed over to the Loire Valley this weekend on a CEIF excursion to see all of the Chateaux. We visited 5 different Chateaus..some better than others :) It was so neat because the history was so intense! its so weird to know that exactly where I was standing years and year ago Kings and Queens of France were going about their daily business.

The prettiest one that we saw was Chambord. It was just like the castles you see in disney movies. We were allowed to go up on the terrices..what amazing views!

2 of the castles had amazing Gardens (with labryinths!) and although it's still rather chilly and grey..the flowers were just starting to bloom and the gardens were still very impressive.

The hotel we stayed in was incredible! It was so refreshing to take a real shower and actually feel clean after it. oh! and there was a pool too so we were able to swim :)

The last chateau was Chenonceau (one of the most famous chateaus in the world)..It's also known as le Chateau des Dames (castle of the ladies) because of it's sweet history with Catherine de Medici, Diane de Poitiers, and Henry II. And who did I run into? Liz! She was doing a tour there as well with her friend Amanda (from the states) I only said goodbye to her a week ago and I got to see her again so soon!

This week is going to be long...I'm trying to finalize my spring break plans (so far we're going to Berlin, Holland, Brussels, Zurich, and Venice) but I head off to Barcelona with the boys for the long Easter weekend....I've never been to spain before!

grand bisous! xox

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