Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Sorry it has taken me so long to get this post up...but after we get back from our trips I have to tell everyone in Dijon how my weekend was and then by that time i am sick of telling the story over and over again :)

BUT...this past weekend, the boys and I spent a few days in Barcelona. It was really cool to get out of the country..but a rather big hassle. We left at 8h30 in the morning from Dijon and arrived in Barcelona about 10 pm aafter a lonnnng train ride with lots of transfers. The police got on our train for a control ( when they come around and check our passports) Normally when traveling within the European union they won't check passports...I am very lucky I thought I would bring mine just in case! We were all separated on the train, and the guy next to me was giving the police trouble and was hitting on me the whole ride down...going as far to wake me up because he was 'lonely and needed to talk to someone' he was almost kicked off the train for giving the french police trouble and caused us to have to stop AGAIN across the border so that the Spanish police could check his luggage and frisk I said...a very pleasant ride down.

We didn't really do all that much in Spain...we walked around and saw a bunch of the Gaudi architecture..the coolest thing we saw was the sagrada familia...Guadi was so extravagant that he started the church in 1909 and it still isn't finished. not even close! (see photo!)...and went to the museum of contemporary art (such a let down!) but we did a LOT of walking around and seeing things. it rained for most of the trip (except the last day) so that was kind of icky too. Lots of picnics in the parks (there are sooo many in Barcelona)

oh! On Sunday we did a Spanish cooking class where we learned how to make sangria, tapas, and paella..we met some other Americans and also some dutch. yayy new friends

I think that's about it..the train ride back was overnight and this time much easier..only one transfer.

Spring break starts on Thursday..looks like I'll be in Holland, Belgium, France Switzerland and maybe Spain again in Madrid..we will see!


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